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ABOUT Janice Kirk

Janice has had a lifelong association with training animals. She started with horses and as a youngster successfully competed in many areas of equine competition. In her early twenties her interest shifted to dogs and so began the path that has led to Tevra Dog Training and K9 Wear as we now know it.

Janice has been involved in training dogs at all levels since 1978. She began private training under the name of Tevra Dog Training in 1996 and has trained and competed at the highest level of competitive obedience, attaining Obedience Championship status with eight of her dogs. She has also been extensively involved in the domestic training of most breeds of dogs over the past 35 years, conducting training seminars throughout New Zealand and parts of Australia

Her life has been busy with almost continual training both of her own and others people's dogs, helping people find the right dog to fit their life-styles, re-homing dogs and sitting on many committees involved not only with dog obedience, but also advisory matters and welfare issues relating to dogs.

Janice’s husband Alastair not only brings many years dog training knowledge to the business, but also has 30 years’ experience as an Animal Control Officer with the Christchurch City Council. Alastair puts his vast handyman skills to work keeping the property and equipment running smoothly while sharing the workload in the kennels with Janice

Apart from breeding Border Collie/Siberian Husky crosses and Breed Show title winning Shetland Sheepdogs, Janice and her family have owned German Shepherds and Spaniels. The Kirk household has had long-term care of a wide variety of other breeds over the years, so Janice is very familiar with the care of many differing personalities!!

The Kirk Dogs


Three more very important members of the Kirk Household;


Danny the Rainbow Lorikeet is an integral member of the Tevra Dog Training Team. He oversees all training, travelling to the training venues, competitions and when he's not busy looking after the business he goes on holiday with his staff (Janice and Alastair)!! He's quick to growl at the dogs, and to put them in their place if they're rude enough to stick their noses near his cage!!



Flo and Joe are 5 year old miniature donkeys. Not only self-propelled grass mowers but also good distractions when training the dogs!!!